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ORTRA offers visitors from across the globe exclusive access to the best of Israel

Any journey to Israel is an opportunity to fuse the best of the past with the best of the present– our specialty is to make that connection.

Ortra's team are driven by the desire to curate customised experiences from across Israel, and are readily available to attend to any need. With a broad knowledge of ‘Israel’s best on offer’ including hotels, tour guides, extreme sports, culinary adventures, local attractions and more, discover how ORTRA can support your Israeli adventure.

An Unforgettable Professional and Personal Experience ‎

Israel is a landscape that encompasses an incredible range of experiences and ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities.

To support you and your team during your stay, ORTRA has crafted a series of tours specially designed to maximise your time spent. Discover the famed food and wine of Israel through our Culinary, Gastronomy, and Wine tours. Create an atmosphere of collaboration and memory-making with our Spiritual, Historical, and Pilgrimage; Incentive; Meeting and Business, and Event tours. Unafraid to think outside of the box? So are we, with our tailored Special Event tour opportunities.

ORTRA connects to leading vendors, creatives, guides, and innovators to draw the best of Israel together. Navigating your experience is easy with our team on hand, who are available at any time to solve challenges or meet new requirements. Israel represents the intersection of the old and the new; whether your interest lies in food, technology, history, nature, or the ‘unforgettable’ ORTRA’s specialised tours are sure to cater to your travel adventure needs. Reach out to our Team Lead to learn more about how ORTRA can deliver on your next trip to Israel.

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Spiritual, Historical, and Pilgrimage Tours

Israel is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world for Spiritual, Historical, and Pilgrimage Tours. It is for this reason that we collaborate with industries nationwide to ensure that all denominations are catered to and guided by the best. With 3000 year old historical sites, landscapes of sweeping views, and natural wonders; our tours specially offer guides who are equipped with the knowledge to where to go, when, and why.

Sun, Sand, and Sea

Endless sunshine and a sea breeze from all directions (Galilee, Dead Sea, Red Sea, and Mediterranean) there is something for everyone at any time of year. Whether for leisure, a short break, or just a pause from a busy business trip, ORTRA's travel experts are committed to securing a dedicated, relaxing, and professional solution that will perfectly fit any need.

Breath, Smile, and Connect

Any Incentive Trip must be unique, creative, and most importantly– a playful experience. Such trips are geared towards group bonding and enjoyment, with a focus on sports and team-building activities. Such activities play an important part in creating a memorable journey that not only promotes teamwork but also centres around culture and luxury. Desert tours with evening parties under the stars, luxury picnics by the Galilee, Gala dinner at the Tower of David in Jerusalem, or attending the Tel Aviv Promenade Cycle Competition with a finale finish, awards ceremony, and festive dinner; are all just a taste of what we you can expect.

Culinary, Gastronomy, and Wine

Taste the flavors of the Southern Levant and explore our partnerships. ORTRA has developed exceptional culinary tours across Israel that offer fascinating tasting experiences in exclusive Israeli dining establishments. Join our rare and exceptional experiences that integrate the urban atmosphere of Tel Aviv /Jerusalem with the electric flavors of its local cuisine.

A Different Angle

Ready to assist with that which exists ‘outside the box’, we are also here to actualise events in relation to educational tours, seminars, workshops, extreme sports, and desert experiences. The range of unique tourist experiences is endless; pub crawls, outdoor market tours, night tours and much more– we'll have the answer to any of your questions. Already know what you are looking for? We will pair you with any number of our tailor-made tours available throughout Israel's best tourist locations.

Family, Joy, and Mazal Tov!

ORTRA is an essential partner for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours, Jewish Federation missions, and any other delegations from around the world. We also provide Jewish Heritage Tours, which are engineered to connect visitors to both the Jewish past, as well as its present.

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