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It is well known that today's technology provides numerous ways to book your trip abroad, BUT that will require you for some "deep learning" research: what is the best date/time to fly, compare possible prices, compare available suppliers, should you fly direct or with connecting flights and how long should the time between connection be?? (really… how big Is the airport in Frankfurt?!). Add to that some Google searches, dedicated forums, advices form your Facebook friends and all sorts of websites to provide you with "10 things you just have to know.." and you're done.
Oh, let's just hope that nothing will go wrong, no unexpected problems will arise with the invitation, no last minute cancellations or problems with a connecting flight.

So, really, whether business travel or leisure, if you travel often or you are just busy, leave all these questions for ORTRA's travel agents.

Our expert team is familiar with any destinations you might want and are always here to attend to your needs 24/7, no matter which unexpected hitch you have endured.

With over 31 years of experience, we still enjoy the challenge that comes with each client and excel in adapting personal solutions to any budget, destination or trip. By working with advanced systems and being well familiar with all the travel companies, hotels and tourist service providers, we know to offer a winning price for every business trip / family vacation / romantic getaway or participation in an international event.

ORTRA's travel agents will be available for you to help with all necessary services, from visas, flights, vacation packages, car rentals, hotels, sports packages, shows, organized tours and more - that's our specialty.

As our travel agency is an integral part of ORTRA which specializes in organizing international conferences, we also provide special services for participation in professional conferences and seminars abroad, such as the Anthony Robbins event in London, for which we have been organizing groups for several consecutive years. The travel department also supports conferences that ORTRA organizes in Israel and provides VIP service to guests, lecturers and participants attending a conference or event organized by us in Israel.

Our special services:

  • Overseas VIP travel services - attending the passenger from the plane's sleeve abroad, along the route in the airport, including transit through the expressway to passport control, luggage collection and until transportation to the hotel.
  • Business travel report for companies - segmentation of the company's travel according to destinations, airlines, car rentals, hotels, visas and more in order to control and supervise the company's travel budget and expenses.
  • Customized holiday packages including: sports packages and unique musical performances, luxury holiday packages, seminar packages and conferences.
  • Customized hiking routes - Depending on your time, budget and personal preferences, we will be able to customize unique routes, from extreme walks in unusual destinations to pampering belly-back tours.

We look forward to being a part of your next project

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