A conference of this scope, size, and interest brought over 3,000 internationals from 76 countries to Tel Aviv, in addition to approximately 2000 more who joined the conference virtually. We couldn’t be prouder to have reached this success together. The reactions from the participants were enthusiastic in all aspects, from workshops/tutorials sessions, the main conference and its organization, as well as the welcome reception party.

The conference attendees complimented the arrangement of smooth transportation solutions, accommodation, and tours, that were all managed carefully and responsibly. Undoubtedly the attendees enjoyed every moment. An abundance of praise from participants was received throughout the week-long event, including numerous posts on social media.

The organizing committee had the pleasure of receiving many positive and enthusiastic reactions complementing the conference content and organization. These comments are due to Ortra’s advanced level of care, determination, diligence, and attention across the board.

We are grateful to all Ortra’s team members for their dedication, superb organization, competency, and compassionate execution of this project

Rita Cucchiara, Jiri Matas, Amnon Shashua, Lihi Zelnik-Manor ECCV’2022 General Chairs

The Israel Heart Society's last two conferences have been more challenging than usual. The 2020 conference was transformed in only two months from physical to virtual event, and the 2021 conference was finalized with virtual participation of international speakers only a month prior to the opening day. Still, both events were a huge success with impressive participation and engagements, both from the medical community and the industry. Throughout this hectic journey, ORTRA's team was a true partner, leading us safely and professionally to successful events, allowing us to keep our medical community united and cohesive despite all the challenges.

Karen Davidson Senior Executive Manager at Israel Heart Society

SagivTech has been working with ORTRA for more than 5 years producing the annual IMVC conference. As a result of our productive and successful cooperation, we chose to expand our joint work into additional collaborations at the AutonomousTech conference- both events aiming towards technical oriented delegates.
We would like to note favorably to ORTRA's impressive event management capabilities and attentiveness, along with the teams pleasant and skilled services they have been providing for years.
Our joint work has shown a steady growth on the projects we work on together, and we are happy to keep our productive collaboration in the future.

Chen Sagiv Co-founder, Co CEO

On Behalf of the Federation of the Israeli Societies for Experimental Biology (FISEB), we would like to thank you for the incredible work that you have done for the 2017 FISEB (ILANIT) Conference, held in Eilat on February 20-32, 2017.

The FISEB conference is the largest Israeli conference in the Sciences (~2,000 participants) and is held once every three years in Eilat. … The complexity of ILANIT Conference is enormous. The ORTRA team was with us every step of the way, with countless emails, phone calls and several meetings. We are particularly grateful for your ability and willingness to accommodate many changes along the way. Finally, you and your team's presence throughout the Conference itself allowed us to hold a smoothly operated conference, which was rated highly by the participants.

I cannot think of a better team to coordinate this huge task with us!

Prof. Karen B. Avraham, Tel Aviv University FISEB President
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