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You’ve been tasked with producing an event, whether a conference, an employee party or an awards ceremony… Maybe it’s your first. Maybe you’ve done it before, and it’s been a hit. Or perhaps you just want to take it up a notch this time. Whatever the case, it’s likely to be time consuming and, frankly, something of a headache to organize. So, why not let ORTRA do it for you?

Stage One: Hit the ground running

With years in the business, organizing some of the largest, most prestigious events in Israel, we know exactly how to pull out all the stops to create an experience that will exceed your expectations.
You won’t need to worry about a thing - once we’ve taken a thorough brief, you can leave us to it. We’ll take care of every detail, finding a solution to any challenge, cutting off any crisis at the pass and taking full responsibility for everything.
First things first – we’d like to get to know all about you: your business, your industry, the purpose of the event and what you want it to achieve, your target audience, your budget, your timeline, how involved you want to be in the planning (if at all) and anything else you think we should know. We’ll look at other events you’ve produced to understand how you like things done, what worked well and any lessons learned.

Stage Two: Full speed ahead

Armed with a full brief, we’ll come up with a tailored outline of the event, with added value elements such as suggestions for content, connections with the top tiers of your industry and approaching academics to help you reach potential speakers. We'll also offer a selection of venues, possible formats, branding elements and more, for your consideration. Once you have agreed and signed off on the details, including the budget, we’ll get started on putting the plan into action.
Priding ourselves on transparency and excellent communication, we won’t wait for you to check in with us - we’ll keep you updated every step of the way, so you always know where we’re at. From the initial planning stages, to content development, to the execution on the big day itself, you can rest assured that we have everything covered.

With a complete overview of everything needed to make your event a success, we will make sure that no detail is overlooked. Booking the venue, creating the program, handling VIPs’ travel arrangements and accommodation, allocating stands to exhibitors, engaging a caterer, producing banners, printing materials, arranging the social events, filling the technical spec… we’ll take care of all this and more.
In everything we do, we will have your best interests in mind. Negotiating with sponsors, suppliers and sub-contractors, we’ll make sure that you benefit from the range of economic advantages afforded by our strong financial backing and high credit rating, including competitive pricing and favorable payment terms.
As the day of the event arrives, you can enjoy a feeling of calm anticipation, knowing that everything is in place to ensure that it will run smoothly.

Check out our events schedule to see the wide range of events that we produce.

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