From the abstracts & registration system to the AV (audio-visual) equipment onsite, the range of possibilities is endless - with each having a significant impact on the budget, the site visibility & prominence and, with no doubt, on the impression left with each participant after the event.
So how do you do it right? And what is “right”? How do you take into account the budget, the halls, the type of the conference, the nature of the participants, the concept of the event and mesh it all into the most appropriate solution?
ORTRA specializes in tailoring the right solutions for each customer and event. We work with the highest quality professional suppliers and know how to provide the technological "wow" that will turn every conference into a celebration.
We always looks at each project from our clients' perspective making a point of providing the best, personally tailored-made solutions. We create a unique website for each conference and work with a friendly advanced registration system that is customized for every event and fully transparent to our clients' following.
Now don’t even get us started on the huge variety of technologies within the conference itself - possibilities are endless but rest assured we can provide them all: Accessible onsite self-registration stations, an interactive electronic posters presentation (e-posters), digital signage and branding, hall's screens of all types and sizes, hi quality sound systems for any type of interaction, quiet headphones sessions in the center of a bustle exhibition, a smart conference application that can also provide cool business meeting solutions (even without the need for Wifi!), creative exhibition space designed by special projections and lighting….
And the result? Just Come visit one of our events and you'll see for yourself.

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The biggest challenge for any conference, event or exhibition is bringing in the participants and increasing the industry's involvement. So how do you increase audiences? How do you penetrate new markets? How do you market the conference to the industry and recruit sponsors and exhibitors?
ORTRA specializes in the planning and execution of a smart and effective marketing plan, with the ability to leverage our years of experience in the conference world and our wide business relations network with the academia, industry and government.
As visibility is very important in the events business, we'll first learn the needs of our client, familiarize ourselves with the members of the committee, be impressed by previous and / or parallel events and accordingly will provide a unique and customized design and branding for the event. Then we will create the event's logo/ banner; design the conference website which will include the information about the conference, program, speakers and registration into a friendly and esthetic way. Our long term, comprehensive marketing plans, that also take into consideration our connections, our clients relationships, and the understanding of the market and the target audience, will detail each conferences promotional milestones from start to finish.
Based on in-depth learning and taking into consideration the conference's needs and budget, our social media specialists will create an intelligent digital activity plan. Target and segment the appropriate audiences and create content, ads and banners in a variety of languages. We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services based on relevant keywords and match sponsored promotion, Google ads along with an email marketing strategy to authorized mailing lists with a formatted message that will get people to open and read. All of our activities are backed by reports and performance analytics in complete and continuous transparency throughout the project's life.
We will be happy to present examples to demonstrate our work.
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In an era of digital communications, e-mails and social networking, we are pleased to see that the business and scientific communities still value personal encounters and that the world of conferences continues to thrive. However, abundance also generates competition and therefore now more than ever it is important to create differentiation and broadcast quality, with emphasis on conference content.
ORTRA specializes in building concept and content for conferences that will differentiate your event. We will be able to offer the best conference structure and creative program layout, help with ideas for speakers and initiate initiatives for leaders in Israel and around the world, thanks to our extensive connections in academia, industry and government.
We work with the best content suppliers who can lead you through building a comprehensive concept for the conference. Depending on the needs of the client, the audience, the budget and the goals of the conference, we will formulate the most appropriate content; VIP gala event? An international conference with hundreds of people from all over the world? Fair with dozens of international exhibitors? For every event we can present you with a variety of options for general appearance and design, content manager, moderator, performers, pre/post activities, guided tours, and much more.
We will be happy to present examples to demonstrate our work.
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