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If you’re considering where to hold your next international event, look no further than Israel. With sites of interest, world-class facilities, not to mention unique holy places, it makes for a once-in-a-lifetime conference experience. All you need is a fully committed local partner to make it happen…. that partner is ORTRA.

Stage One: Hit the ground running

We mainly work in Israel, so we truly know everything there is to know about the business: the best venues, service providers, technology solutions - all home grown, packaged to meet your requirements. We also have extensive experience through our professional Travel & Tour Operator department, of dealing with groups arriving in Israel, ensuring that all their needs are met throughout their stay.
As your representatives on the ground in Israel, we make sure to stay true to your vision and brand values. We make no assumptions. Rather, we begin by learning all about you – your past events, your target audience, and any USPs or characteristics that people expect from an event with your name on it, from a certain type of venue to the content, the technical spec to the catering. We’ll come up with a tailored package that deals with all this and more…. including how different areas of responsibility are divided between us.

Stage Two: Full speed ahead

With a deep understanding of our brief, we will draw up a shortlist of options for elements for you to consider, working together to make the final decisions.
Thanks to our strong financial backing, high credit rating and excellent Dun & Bradstreet rating, we can pass on to you a range of economic advantages, from favorable payment terms to keen pricing. We will also use our knowledge of local legislation and regulations in areas such as taxation to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. You can be sure not only that you are in full compliance, but that you benefit from any perks and incentives for which you are eligible.
To ensure full transparency, we will report to you about every aspect of our progress every step of the way, maintaining open lines of communication and full, secured access to our online registration system.

As the behind-the-scenes organization gets underway, the next priority is to engage with participants, attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors.
When it really counts, we have the advantage of size. Our large team knows how to power through the implementation of any conference, whatever the scale, and if the number of participants grows larger than expected, we can allocate more staff to handle that too.
As well as booking the venue, we will cover all the many elements that need to be taken into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the event itself: developing content; branding and designing the exhibition; printing any written materials required; handling the itineraries, travel and accommodation arrangements of VIPs and guests; catering and social events; and of course, ensuring that the highest quality AV and sound equipment is available and in perfect working order.

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