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Let Your Conference Go Virtual

Dynamic times ask for dynamic solutions. During days of social distancing, we are required to be both creative and safe in the ways that we craft solutions to allow communities to continue innovating, communicating, and evolving.

A virtual conference transcends borders and creates an interactive online meeting place that ensures health and safety. Although there are some experiences best held ‘face to face’, a virtual space is uniquely accessible to an unlimited audience.

These shifts in the way communities communicate means virtual conferences are now hosted to attendees who may have once been unable to join the event. Now, a remote attendee can participate from anywhere in the world by simply logging on to their commuter.

Another virtual solution is a Hybrid Event, which blends both ‘in-person’ events with ‘virtual accessibility’, enabling those who are unable to physically join the event, to participate and contribute.

So if ensuring that your annual conference continues to convene during these challenging times, and should you strive to connect while maintaining physical distance, plan your virtual conference with a fully committed partner… the team here at ORTRA.

Stage One: Hit the ground running

We have coordinated and executed f2f conferences for many years, so converting a physical platform into a virtual one comes naturally to us. We work with elite virtual platform service providers to plan seamless video sessions, and are equipped with the best in technology solutions – all packaged to meet your specific requirements. Still, we make no assumptions. We continue to ask key questions and review your previous conferences to learn what can (and should) stay, and where change can be adopted. We constantly explore the potential to expand your target audience and advise on new ways to reach it. Our tailored approach to clients ensures a customized package that details all of this and more. We understand the challenges at hand, and are here to make it happen!


Stage Two: Full speed ahead

With a clear vision of our brief, we establish a shortlist of ‘element options’ for you to consider. We will present the best virtual platform to best match your needs, set the conference schedule, assess session types (panels, round tables, live or recorded presentations), participants' engaging elements, polls, e-posters and more. To secure clear constant communication, we will regularly report on each aspect of our progress, every step of the way, maintaining open lines of communication.

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Now is the time to get busy. Our team will contact speakers to pre-record select presentations, brief them on how best to present on camera, and how to intuitively use the technology. As work on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ gets underway, our next priority is to engage with participants, attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors. We'll contact the conference's traditional industry and identify the means by which they benefit from a virtual meet-up e.g., virtual exhibition, sponsorship opportunities and new approaches to exposure and audience reach. We will directly communicate with target audiences to encourage attendance, and create detailed manuals to help maneuver technical aspects. When conference day arrives, we'll be here, alongside the organizing committee, attendees, and industry, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.From internet connectivity to user experience, in matters of technology interface or Q&A, we are here to lead you through this dynamic experience, every step of the way.

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