IMTM - 25th Int'l Mediterranean Tourism Market

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Initiated event, International Exhibition, Professional Conference. The largest annual tourism fair of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean, which serves to promote incoming tourism, domestic tourism and outgoing tourism, as well as to strengthen cooperation between the tourism organizations in Israel and around the world.

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  • Tel-Aviv Convention Center

How it all began?
Founded in 1994, in an age of regional prosperity and peace talks, the event is designed to provide a regional touristic solution to the Middle East countries and was therefore named IMPTM - International Mediterranean Peace Tourism Meeting. With the changes in the political climate and the rise in outgoing and incoming tourism to Israel, the fair changed its designation to an international tourism fair and accordingly its name was changed to IMTM.

The Challenge
In 2019, IMTM is a mega well-established fair, an international event hosting countries from all over the world. The challenge is to continue to hold a tourism fair, which on the one hand maintains the level of professionalism, visibility and content by international standards, and on the other hand to create differentiation from the other tourism fairs in the world while continuing to prove a constant increase in the number of participants and exhibitors.

The Solution
Initiate cooperation with organizations and tourism associations from Israel and the world

Cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, which assists in publishing the fair and bringing delegations from all over the world

  • Cooperation with the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association to conducts professional business meetings during IMTM
  • Cooperation with other tourism organizations from Israel and around the world, providing them with the possibility of holding sub-conferences within the framework of IMTM
  • Cooperation with the organization of tour guides and tour operators
  • Organizing a professional conference for human resources and welfare managers

The Result
The fair continues to increase its international exposure and establish its standing among the international professional audience. The global tourism industry has learned to identify IMTM as the main platform for connecting with the Israeli audience - whether to meet with local suppliers or to introduce the Israeli tourists with potential destinations abroad.
As part of the open sky revolution and the constant increase in the number of outgoing tourism from Israel, along with the significant growth in incoming tourism, IMTM has become a major event and the demand for exhibition space keeps growing. Every year IMTM is proud to host professional delegations from a growing number of countries that are becoming actively involved in receiving varied tailored solutions in the Israeli tourism industry.

The fair has increased its international exposure and established its standing among the international professional audience that has learned to identify IMTM as the main platform for connecting with the Israeli audience - whether to meet with local suppliers or for overseas destinations seeking to attract the Israeli tourist."

Event in numbers

  • 25 Event occurrences
  • 30000 Delegates
  • 420 Exhibitors
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