European Conference on Computer Vision - ECCV

The European Computer Vision Association (ECVA) chose sunny Tel Aviv as its destination for the 2022 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), bringing internationals from over 76 countries to Israel for the most important European conference on computer vision technology and science. Over 6,000 researchers, scientists, and so forth were granted the opportunity to meet other industry experts to discuss the future of computer vision, AI, machine learning, and more. We thank Lihi Zelnik-Manor (Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology) - the ECCV Conference Chair, and the ECCV committee for helping bring this congress to Israel.

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The Challenge

Organizing this complex conference began with a warm recommendation from our long-term client, Dr. Chen Sagiv, to Prof. Shai Avidan (Tel Aviv University). After a successful ECCV 2019 conference in Munich, we began, with professors from TAU and Tel Aviv CVB, preparing presentations, budgets, and more, collaborating in full power to bring the ECCV conference to Tel Aviv. Our efforts were rewarded when we won the opportunity to host the next ECCV in Israel, and Ortra was selected as the conference organizer - it became time to work!

An event this significant in scope and scale required efficient collaboration between four organizations simultaneously: ECVA, ECCV, Tel Aviv University, and Tel Aviv CVB. It’s our duty as organizers to ensure that the conference meets international standards qualitatively and professionally.

Then, COVID-19 began, and we found ourselves facing more significant challenges, such as postponing the original conference date, with the uncertainty of how many attendees would make it to the big event. Additionally, we had to provide a solution for those wishing to join the conference from afar by establishing a virtual platform with live broadcasting.

Once the work began producing the event, we were tasked with managing an intricate program with multiple types of sessions – workshops, tutorials, poster presentations, demos, and more, all of which required different handling.

The Solution

During the years we were waiting to resume our work on ECCV, we kept in close contact with our clients and were always on standby for the opportunity to bring the program to life. To better understand and allude to the conference’s continuous high standards, we were receptive to anything and everything – from small details to major changes. We held periodical meetings with all the various committees, diving into the bits and bytes in every aspect to provide the best solution we could offer between suppliers and venues.

Obtaining friendly and transparent communication between all external parties kept us focused on investing time to learn the conference components and needs. We provided innovative solutions for conference speakers (both virtually and onsite) and organized virtual platforms and site inspections days before to ensure that everything came together seamlessly. Our team members personally checked all catering, onsite design, and venues and kept up with suppliers/vendors, giving the utmost attention to everything up until the last moment.

Managing such a massive number of internationals would have been impossible without our dedicated team, which provided 24/7 service to assist with visas, hotel rooms, transportation, and tours.

To provide attendees with the ultimate Tel Aviv experience, we negotiated the best prices at the hottest hotels in the city's heart. A variety of accommodations all throughout Tel Aviv, ranging in price and star rating, were available to ECCV participants at a special rate – offering complete comfort and proximity to the conference venues, restaurants, shopping, beaches, and other attractions.

On top of that, we provided about 50 shuttles daily to and from the conference so that our guests could stress less and spend more time enjoying the city.

Nothing was left to chance, and no stone was left unturned!


ECCV 2022 TLV was a major success! Participants from all over the globe were thrilled for the opportunity to visit Israel (some for the first time) and were pleasantly surprised to see that our charming country was way beyond their expectations. It was an incredible collaboration with the Tel Aviv CVB, leading to over 300 group tours around Israel and over 450 hotel rooms booked in Tel Aviv. We worked tirelessly with 20+ suppliers/vendors, each bringing something unique to the table, ensuring that this would be a conference to remember. Even our lunch supply was in abundance, so we donated leftovers to a nongovernmental organization that helps people in need.

Ortra managed to arrange 60 workshops, 13 tutorials, two tracks of in-person presentations (virtual presentations were accessed via the platform), two exceptional keynote speakers, two mentoring events (a brand-new component for ECCV), hundreds of poster presentations and one industry track – all as a part of ECCV’s extensive program. The review process outcome – a total of 6773 submissions by a total of 18310 authors. In parallel to the conference, a comprehensive professional exhibition was held with leading brands such as‏ ‏META AI‏, ‏GM ‏, ‏Mobileye ‏,Applied Materials‏, ‏BOSCH ‏, ‏Google‏, ‏HUAWEI ‏, ‏AMAZON‏, ‏Hailo ‏, ‏Samsung‏, ‏Snapchat ‏, ‏Baidu‏, ‏Apple ‏, ‏GPU Hub‏, ‏WSC sport ‏, ‏Dataloop‏, ‏Weights & Biases ‏, ‏Telus International‏, ‏Clear ML ‏, ‏‎3dMD‎, iMerit ‏, ‏scale‏, ‏ RAFAEL, and more.

ECCV brought thousands of people from all over the world together. The conference gathered an astounding amount of diversity, with attendees from over 76 countries, bestowing participants with valuable insights, perspectives, and experiences. We made it a top priority to guarantee that all voices were heard and that everyone felt welcome regardless of their identity.

As event planners, we know that the best way to open a conference is to host a welcome reception party – and we indeed went all out for ECCV! Our welcome reception event held at the historic Tel Aviv Port entertained over 1,800 attendees who danced the night away along the Mediterranean Coast. . We were joined by the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Yoel Razvozov, who came to this memorable gathering to personally welcome everyone to our city!

To give everyone a real Israeli party, Tararam, a popular Israeli music group, was invited to perform, as well as a local DJ. Between spectacular music, flavorsome food, as well as an open bar and sweet treats, the crowd was partying all night long! Many attendees also shared with us that it was the best party in ECCV history!

Of course, we extend a huge thank you to the people who helped make ECCV the commendable success that it was: General Chairs, Program Chairs, Workshop Chairs, Tutorials Chairs, Demos Chairs, Industrial Liaison Chairs, Industry Track Chairs, Communication Chairs, Diversity & Inclusion Chairs, Social & Student Activities Chairs, Finance Chair, Publication Chair, Program Tech Chair, and our entire Ortra team.

An abundance of praise from participants was received throughout the week-long event, including numerous posts on social media, comparing ECCV2022 to previous conferences and highlighting the striking difference in the organization's quality. The organizing committee had the pleasure of receiving many positive and enthusiastic reactions complementing the conference content and organization. These comments are due to Ortra’s advanced level of care, determination, diligence, and attention across the board.

The Event in Numbers

  • 6000 Delegates
  • 10 Conference Occurrences
  • 6770 Abstracts
  • 50 Exhibitors
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