SSIEM Annual Symposium

In the heart of Jerusalem, from August 29th to September 1st, SSIEM 2023 unfolded, transcending the boundaries of a conventional conference. It was a grand symposium where "East Meets West" in a celebration of knowledge, unity, and cultural richness.

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The Challenge

Organizing this complex conference began several years ago, long before the world was shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2018, together with the Conference's local committee, Ortra submitted a bid to organize the 2020 meeting in Jerusalem. Our victory was sweet, but fate had different plans; that year, the world was thrust into the virtual realm, and our dreams of an in-person gathering had to wait. Fast forward to the grand chapters that followed - ICIEM 2021 in Sydney, SSIEM 2022 in Freiburg, and now SSIEM 2023 in Jerusalem, where we find ourselves today, proud to be scripted into another remarkable chapter in the history of this conference, working closely with the Conference Chair and our dear client, Dr. Yair Anikster.

The Solution

In the heart of Jerusalem, from August 29th to September 1st, a grand symposium unfolded – SSIEM 2023, where "East Meets West" in a celebration of knowledge, unity, and cultural richness. With participants hailing from over 65 countries, this symposium was nothing short of extraordinary, bringing together over 1,500 individuals who share a profound passion for the study of inherited metabolic disorders and related topics.

SSIEM 2023 was more than just a conference; it was an immersive symposium experience and a global powerhouse meeting. Over 30 renowned speakers took the stage, sparking discussions with participants on neurometabolism, therapeutic innovations, and beyond while sharing their research and unique discoveries. This was complemented by over 100 oral presentations by abstract submitters and poster competitions that ignited intellectual curiosity, with over 300 poster presentations and more than 200 e-poster presentations. In addition to parallel sessions, side meetings, and satellite symposia, it created over 50 avenues for specialized knowledge sharing among SSIEM participants and invited speakers. The event buzzed with non-stop energy and learning. Alongside this, SSIEM hosted 35 international exhibitor booths from the industry, each showcasing cutting-edge advancements and innovative solutions. So it's safe to say that there was no shortage of insights to be gained!

The logistical scale of the conference was vast, and preparing the ICC for SSIEM was a remarkable undertaking, given the ICC's massive expanse, covering 12,000 square meters. Our considerations encompassed the intricate program requirements, attendee needs, spatial limitations of the ICC, and the expected number of participants. Our paramount objective was to create a warm and inviting ambiance that not only resonated with the spirit of Israel but also remained faithful to the SSIEM branding and color palette.

We strategically established meeting areas, complete with electric charging stations and laptop stations, and also introduced casual spaces featuring comfortable cushions and bean bags. This approach provided attendees with designated working zones and informal relaxation areas. Beyond aesthetics, our design aimed at ensuring practical navigation within the conference center. We implemented attractive coffee stations and a food court while also meticulously arranging a dedicated poster area and welcoming conference halls to enhance the overall experience.


As each day unfolded, it became evident that this symposium was not merely a meeting of minds—it was a convergence of passionate individuals working tirelessly toward a common goal. SSIEM 2023 served as a poignant reminder that knowledge knows no limits and international collaboration is the catalyst for truly transformative change in the world.

The conference boasted impressive statistics with 625 hotel rooms booked, 23 shuttles ensuring seamless transportation between the conference hotels and the ICC, 162 conference attendees benefitting from VIP transfers to the airport, and 70 personalized services and tours offered to attendees.

On behalf of SSIEM Council, we would like to congratulate you and all of the colleagues involved for the outstanding SSIEM 2023 symposium. We heard only positive feedback!

The Event in Numbers

  • 1500 Delegates
  • 625 Hotel Rooms Booked
  • 35 Exhibitors
  • 600 Abstracts
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