Stratasys Reveal Event

The Stratasys global Learning‎ team contacted Ortra asking to organize their international ‎‎event to launch a special milestone to reveal their 'One Stratasys', purpose, mission, and ‎core ‎values‏.‏ The company's event had a dual purpose: reveal their renewed outline of values, which the ‎‎content and marketing team worked on over the past year, and to strengthen employee ‎‎engagement with the organization.‎

  • International event

The Challenge

Stratasys employees (2,200 people) are spread all over the world in different time zones ‎and at a significant geographical distance (USA, Asia, Europe, and Israel)‎‏.‏

The world is in the midst of dealing with the Covid -19 pandemic which produces congestion ‎and flight restrictions, preventing physical encounters. On the other hand, virtual encounters in a single time slot with time differences also add to this ‎challenge.

How will we succeed in appealing to all employees situated in such distant locations? What should ‎we do to create engagement in the face of such a wide variety of cultures? What is the best ‎way to captivate employees and avoid abandonment of viewers? Which terminology ‎should be used to create connection and excitement in an event so significant for the ‎organization? All these questions while having only one month at our disposal to work on the ‎project‏.‏

The Cracking

After intense brainstorming that included examining and disqualifying several options, we ‎finally cracked it with an amazing event concept that provided a solution to each of the ‎challenges we faced: A virtual event broadcast from a professional studio, designed as a ‎celebratory TV gameshow. Exciting edited videos of managers, employees and a moving ‎video of the employees' kids that were included in the event. The live broadcast was held twice in an identical format to match two time zones.  Stratasys' CEO ‎lead the event followed by Lior Suchard, an international professional mentalist who hosted a ‎specially created interactive Game Show, featuring the company's values, creating a fun connection with ‎Stratasy's core values together with colleagues‏.‏

The Result

The virtual event garnered high engagement from over 90% of employees from around the ‎world, who actively participated throughout the broadcast and took part in the game show. At ‎the end of the event, the companies' staff hurried to convey their satisfaction flooding the event feed with smile, heart, and applause emojis which concluded ‎the whole day to be a great success‏.‏

Executing a virtual event for 2,200 people around the world is not a trivial matter, but from the first moment, we knew we could trust you. You made sure that everything would be done according to the highest standards of Stratasys making us very glad we had the opportunity to work with you.

Event in Numbers

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  • 2200 Participants

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